Fioccopanko® is a breading flour of new generation, produced with an exclusive
technology, passing through a flaking machine, which guarantees a light grain and a great appearance. This Flake becomes lipophobic: it absorbs less oil than the imported Panko,because it does not have micro holes.

Main features of FIOCCOPANKO®:
• Saves up to 70% of oil or fat in frying;
• Enables the use of more refined oils and fats (example: olive oil);
• Maintains the adhesion and resistance during breading process up to freezing step;
• Improves and standardizes the appearance of breading produtcs;
• Reduces overall frying costs considerably;
• Gives crispy and appetizing to breading products for longer periods;
• It is always available because national;
• It is healthier for the end consumer.

Best use Indication:
Milaneses: Put Fioccopanko® in a dish. Dip the food in the binder (egg or Fioccogel® diluted in water) and cover it with Fioccopanko®. Press lightly for best grip. Fry in hot oil (190 ° C).

Wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, water, salt and natural dyes (Curcuma and urucum). Contains gluten.

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